General Questions

Yes, we offer a Rapid Antigen Test and PCR test at the Greenbriar location ONLY. The cost for the Rapid test is $99 and $129 for the PCR test. We are not able to bill insurance. 

Yes! We offer local delivery from all 3 locations! 

Yes! Fast Pass is perfect for those who want to pick up all of their meds at once every month. We call you 7 days before you are due so that we have time to handle any issues and have everything ready on the day you want to pick up.

Yes, we offer a variety of flavors that can be added to liquid medications. Available at the Greenbriar location ONLY!

Yes, you can bring expired or unwanted prescription and over the counter medications to the Greenbriar location and dispose of them in the Medication Drop Box located inside.

Yes, we can pack your medications! Med packing is designed to help people with multiple medications taken at different times throughout the day! Each pack has slots for morning, noon, evening, and night meds.

Yes! We carry Ananda Pharmaceuticals CBD products, which is only available at Independent Pharmacies! 

We can have items in by the next business day, as long as they are available from our wholesaler!

Yes! We can still fill your prescriptions. Your copays may change, but we will work with you on pricing. 

No, unfortunately we do not accept GoodRx or other discount cards. However, we do accept manufacturer coupons!

No, we do not bill for DME. However, we do have a variety of DME products available including canes, walkers and shower seats.