I'm one of those people that come in 20 minutes after my doctor sends in my prescription (because I live 45 minutes away and I'm as impatient as they come) but banner drug always has me in and out with no wait at all, much better than the chain pharmacies!

- M. Alligood

Banner has been my family Drug Store for many years now. I plan to continue using Banner as my Pharmacy because they're friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and they are fast. When you walk in it's such a nice downhome atmosphere. You can visit with your neighbor or chat with the person beside you while waiting for your prescription to be prepared. I would recommend my Banner to everyone!

- C. Wilkinson

Let me just say, I LOVE this pharmacy! I switched some of my prescriptions from a chain store who actually told me to take my prescription somewhere else because my insurance had to be filed manually. I have had great service every time I have filled a prescription. Delivery has been especially helpful during the stay-at-home time.

- D. Meadows